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We received your order. To ensure that your order is shipped to you in the fastest time possible, kindly do the following for us…

    1. Ensure your phone is always on!

    2. Ensure you have your money ready for the PRODUCT, else cancel the order by either calling us or sending an email!

    3. If you are traveling anytime soon, please send an SMS/Whatsapp us on 09014913292

    4. We have limited stock so we want ONLY serious people, so we PICK those we ship out to! 

    5. Doing all the above will help us serve you better.

  2. Thank You For Understanding!

    PLEASE NOTE: If your location is outside the main city/state capital you may be asked by our agent to add #1,000 to #2,000 for extra cost of shipping depending on how far your location is from where he/she is coming.